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Al Fahad Holding Real Estate was established in 2009 as a developer and real estate company, with its main office in Abu Dhabi and the branch in Dubai. Since establishment Al Fahad Holding has improved very fast in the market as a developer. At the time being we have very solid and strong financial foundation, which allows us to enter any project regardless of its cost or size. Our goal is to deliver to the customer the best quality and standards of the project. As being a successful developer in UAE, Al Fahad Holding started improving overseas as well, such as Maldives and Egypt developing their infrastructure..

Al Fahad Holding is recognized and trusted developer as in UAE so abroad. We are a multi-disciplined organization, providing in house expertise in all areas of real estate investment and property management, as Al Fahad Holding contains group of 11 companies, which deliver best types of constructing, such as concrete, green houses with facility management included. From the initiation of a project we perform above the established market standards. Advantage of Al Fahad Holding as a developer, that we use the most modern technology in construction, such as Genesis framing technology, to provide builders with more effective framing solutions than the traditional framing methods of the past. Innovative light-steel building materials and fully integrated “turn-key” approach to framing construction.

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Accordingly, we have the expertise and the resources to carry out the construction of building projects. Our ability to anticipate and react to changing economic and social circumstances shows flexibility and proactive approach to business. Currently, Khalifa Al Fahad is leading an even more ambitious and decisive organization, Al Fahad Holding, comprehensive of the former, with a solid financial foundation which allows us to enter into any project, regardless of size or financial structure. Our goal is to maximize the financial and social long lasting outcome for all parties involved, while simultaneously delivering sustainable contributions to a high-quality and enjoyable living environment. From the initiation of a project we perform above the established market standards. We continue trying to improve. Innovation is an essential part of our company structure and culture. This is certainly true for the development and application of new designs, building concepts and production techniques, but also for the continuing education of our employees and our investments in Research & Development.

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In Al Fahad Holding we believe in collaborating effectively with our partners, to meet the fast changing needs of our customers in this dynamic environment. Al Fahad Holding leverages its strong relationship with some of the most prestigious financial institutions in the UAE to help our customers gain access to the best mortgage solutions. We deal with the best resources to help drive our business innovation and build a trusted foundation for strategic decision making and long term competitive advantage both for the customers and partners.
Al Fahad Holding is led by its chairman Abdullah Khalifa Ahmed Mohammed Al Mehairi, who has overall responsibility for the company all its business units and Samir Abdul Hamid, financial and administration manager, a strong leader of the team and manager of entire Al Fahad Holding.Recognized for their vision, knowledge and contribution to industry, our directors are one of the most valuable assets.

After 30 years of proven leadership in the real estate industry, Al Fahad Holding offers a wide range of products & services for investors and end users of real estate seeking to maximize value, taking into account the size of their portfolio, the location of their property or the scope of their operations.

Al Fahad Holding is recognized as an innovative developer, however trusted as a conservative and disciplined consultant. Our development team can help evaluate your current needs, identify opportunities, and implement a plan to maximize its potential.

Al Fahad Holding is a multi-disciplined organization providing in-house expertise in all areas of real estate investment and property management. Our early emphasis was for institutional and individual investors who trusted us in the overall administration of their investments. Ultimately, for these, and a growing clientele, we were chosen to provide full-service property management for significant portfolios of real estate, including commercial, residential and industrial developments, and as today they continue relying on our professionals after many years of association.

Al Fahad Holding prides itself in the UAE market as an “owner’s representative”, throughout its subsidiary entity

In Al Fahad Holding we truly believe in the importance and power of global community. That is why we are always looking for the opportunity to expand our reach and grow in new markets.

Our commitment is to become a truly global brand, which is recognized in regions around the world.

Strive to be a familyowned business organization which focuses on the clients’ expectations, building close partnering associations with local and foreign institutions by always acting with integrity, and to establish long lasting relationships that only come through the satisfaction of all the parties involved interest.

The Khalifa Al Fahad Group of Companies, a family-run business, has achieved steady organic growth since 1980. We have chosen to remain a private limited company and retain the core values that have led us in to the 21st century.

Our organization strongly believes in the values of honesty and integrity. Being straight forward is our first priority. A good deal is a deal that implies a win -win situation for all parties involved. In order to deliver a perfect product, our building progress is continuously monitored, evaluated and recorded in practical systems and procedures.

Our clients rely on our company, as we rely on our professionals, the backbone of our organization. Only people can make a difference, this is the reason we invest in their training. We welcome communication, initiative and good ideas. This why our employees’ engagement is essential for reaching success, which benefits our clients, both in the personalized treat as well as in actual outcomes. Our philosophy will always be based on fairness and honesty, with the ultimate goal of creating added value for clients.

To distinguish our organization through the delivery of quality products & services.

Al Fahad Holding has a distinctive approach with regards to developing the project to be built: quality is more important than quantity. In view of the fact that continuously changing markets require new concepts and solutions for optimal results, we are a flexible and creative organization who resolves problems in a constructive way; always searching for new strategies.

Our motivation for excellence is not limited to the end-product, it extends also to our customer service and support. To ensure that our clients receive the best quality service throughout the process, Al Fahad Holding has separate internal departments for buyer information and building support, in addition to the traditional development disciplines.

We believe that team work is a determining factor to achieve the high quality we are looking for. We continuously try to arrange the best possible cooperation with all parties concerned, thereby respecting interests that sometimes may be conflicting in nature.

A substantial part of our projects is developed and managed in partnership with corporations or other partners in the market. Fulfilling our clients’ expectations is one of the most important objectives of our company. Since our society is always reshaping itself, the people›s needs and wants also change constantly. Accordingly, Al Fahad Holding explores innovative models for our building projects. It is therefore not at all strange that customer-oriented development, progressive & environmentally safe building for the long term, and community care living concepts have been the keys of our corporate paradigm throughout the years.

No matter what type of construction project it is; our approach is always based on one essential feature: complete involvement from beginning to end. Our responsibility as builders, literally and figuratively, does not end at the front door. We also care deeply about the people who will live and work in the homes and offices that we build. With this perspective in mind we embraced durable building since the first day our products and services were introduced to the market place.